• Otaslavice


The design of the family house is based on a reaction to the small surrounding buildings, which are mainly of a recreational character in this area. The house acquires a small scale by dividing it into 8 buildings – interconnected or independent, defined by their functions. The whole ensemble is covered by a pergola, which creates a patio between the objects – an important element of the house. The patio creates a connection between the house and nature, standing at the boundary between interior and exterior. The irregular position of the individual buildings divides the courtyard into spaces – rooms whose position and shape determine their function.

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All the buildings have a square plan and a flat roof.
Only the residential part of the house is two-storey and is directly connected to other buildings – study, guest room and technical facilities. Separate is then a workshop/storage, studio, sauna and atrium.

The expression of the house is to be in harmony with nature. Its cubic shapes will be loosened by a wooden facade fitted with larch cladding. The cladding will vary in size and direction for each form.

year of completion: 2019
location: Otaslavice, Czech Republic
floor area: 146 sqm
author: Szymon Rozwałka
co – author: Ada Rypl Žabčíková
status: built