• The family house Radzewice

The family house Radzewice

The shape of the building results from the location, its topography and the function of the building. The site with the elongated shape is located in the village Radzewice, on the edge of Rogalin Landscape Park. Ground level decreases in the south-west direction toward protected area of Warta river.

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The topography of the place (height level reaches 9m) allows to the side of building partly under the ground. It results from the need for isolation from the surrounding buildings and contemporary indisputable requirement of energy efficiency of the building as well (the better part of the north facade is under the ground). The exception of this formula is the northern facade of the kitchen where function and space predominates the economic.

Branchy shape of the floor plan creates two, partly open patios. The entrance patio from the north-east side and the main one, opened to the west. All family life is wrapped around this patio space. Real centre of the house, surrounded by the entrance hall, the kitchen with dining room and main living room. The main idea of the project is the attempt to integrate the interior with the exterior (house and garden) as much as possible. The investor is really crazy gardener, in design process we knew that the building would be surrounded by the lush, bushy and various gardens in a very short time. Due to, we designed the interior of the house as minimalistic. However we didn’t mean the minimalism as trivial bourgeois elegancy but as minimalism per se.
Indeed, there is no interior design. There are only decisions about particular elements of the interior (floors, furniture, lights) with idea to seek for almost invisible results.

On the present, when the garden needs more time, the expected relation is not working as it will in next two-three years time.

  • Author: Szymon Rozwalka
  • Co-Author: Pavel Martinka

Location:  Radzewice, Polska
Year of completion: 2011

Floor area: 235,99 m2
Photos: Zuzana Rozwałka