• Sports hall Modřice

Sports hall Modřice

With our design, the sports hall ceases to be a centre of activity only for closed groups, but becomes an interactive, democratic space responding to the present and future needs of all Modřice residents. The entrance area (outside the AGORA/ GARDEN) becomes the largest covered
public space of the town, a place for everyday sports and recreational activities and at the same time for exceptional town events (festivals, theatres, concerts, sports competitions, political campaigns, TV broadcasts, etc.). All finally independent of the weather! A space that works in rain or snow, in
day and night. In summer and winter. A space for children, young people, adults and the elderly. A space for everything and everyone.
A sports hall is not a church, a theatre, a town hall or a museum. It is a space of movement and physical energy. It has more of the great Dionysus (bacchanalia) than the Academe. That’s what its architecture should be.

Architectural competition for the design of Multi-purpose sports hall in Modřice.

competition: 2015
authors: Szymon Rozwalka, Adéla Kyselová, Ada Rypl Žabčíková
location: Modřice, Czech Republic
floor area: 1763,5 m2